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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

Issue 329PC Pro 329 cover

  • REVIEW OF THE MONTH: Acer Aspire Vero: Acer pitches the Aspire Vero as an “eco-friendly laptop”, so we were keen not only to put the internals to the test in our benchmarks but put those claims to the test, too.
  • WINDOWS TIPS OF THE MONTH: One of the major complaints about Windows 11 is that Microsoft takes too much control into its own hands. We show how to wrestle some back – and exploit the OS’s best new features.
  • WARNING OF THE MONTH: There’s no shortage of threats to our computers in 2022, so we set Barry Collins the task of putting them into a top 10... and then explaining what we can do about them.
  • GEEKY BIT OF THE MONTH: Membrane or mechanical? Qwerty or Dvorak? And do ergonomic designs make any diference? We delve under the keycaps to reveal what’s really going on with keyboards.
  • BLAST INTO THE FUTURE: Galactic Britain: Within a year, the UK may well have launched its first rocket into orbit, beating all our European counterparts in the process. Is this the start of a Galactic Britain?
  • THE LABS IN ONE NUMBER: 210+ That’s the number of countries that HMA (or Hide My Ass!) can spoof your internet connection from if you choose its VPN service, one of 12 on test this month. But, as we discover, there are far more important things than that to consider when buying.
  • AND more...

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